Monday, December 13, 2010

it was all about my 15..

tq nabilah for the tag..
sincerely,i don't really know how to do this..
but i think this is about "15 things about me" right?
hehe..whether it's right or not..i will do it in my own way..
so,i will start from..

1)person that i love the most
i will convert it into person"s" that i love the most because there are a lot of special persons that become the sun,moon and stars in my life..
my mom,my dad,my sis, my bros, my granpa, the whole family n frens..
they fulfill my life..

2)my best friends
p/s: frens till the end..
i heart u guys!
p/s: tq for being my friends..
liya-tq for making me crazy like u..
chip-tq for wrestling with me
jiewa-tq for being jiewa
*making puss in the boot face

3)best memory
childhood memories are the best!
being mischievous,cute n being ignorance is a bliss!!

4)my college
my ipti..teacher training institute in superbusy JB..

5)chocoholic or "ice cream holic"
all sorts of choc!
n prefer vanilla/strawberry flavoured ice cream.

6)how i spend my leisure time
facebooking, bloging, eating? hahaa..

7)what's my favourite
everything that looks beautiful..

8)dream car
bid my wheel! haha..BMW

9)my dream casa
i wonder if i can have my own villa...with garden full of colourful n beautiful flowers..small villa

10)Korean drama fan
absolutely! kim bum,lee dong wook, jang geun suk, GD
can i win their heart? haha...*dreaming

11)my fashion style
i don't have a style!
just grab anything..

12)what i hate the most
creeping creatures
drama queen
making scorn faces

13)my puppy love
i don't want to have puppy love..huhu..
i want true love!

14)my lover
yeah! it's u! the one who is reading this! hahaa...

15)my future me!
future teacher!
n hope can be more than that...insyaallah..

persons that i want to tag:
tun teja

cik azie
n YOU!