Friday, April 22, 2011

sume x kena..

don't play with me!
if i'm annoyed with u..i'm not going to hide it..i'll show it..
if i'm not happy..i'll show it..
there's no point of hiding it as nobody cares..
is that me?
it's u,u n u who change me..
thanks to u..u..n u..
i hate myself for being oversensitive..
it's my nature..
nobody is perfect
n i'm nobody..
it's not good to have a sense of anger inside..
n i don't know exactly what trigger my anger..
it's just overwhelmed me..
n i hate myself..
no3! that's not the way..
don't be a bad person!
when we have something bothering our mind n we can't share it with others,
when we feel angry and feel like bursting it out,
don't burst!
don't burst!
bear in mind!

what i have to do is ..
take a deep breath....istighfar
n recite a doa..

“Aku berlindung kepada Allah dari godaan syaitan yang terkutuk. Ya Allah, ampunilah dosaku dan hilangkanlah kepanasan hatiku dan lepaskanlah aku dari gangguan syaitan yang terkutuk.”


mawar said...

how i wish i could do that...istighfar n recite doa T_T...

sYu's RaMLi said...

urmm..juz giv it a try..if we make it as a habit..insyaallah..slowly..everything will be ok..