Sunday, May 29, 2011

woww! dream house?

have u ever think about ur future homes? where u want to live? either in just an ordinary house or EXTRAORDINARY ones.. have u ever come across with these?

Toilet-shaped house-Suweon, South Korea

 nice one, isn't it? looks like a toilet bowl..but don't ever think of doing "that" here! 
creative n innovate..haha..what else i can say..

Upside-down house-Szymbark in Poland

this house is completely upside down! ugh..i wonder how's it look like when we walk on the ceiling... sick~

Bubble house-Tourettes-su-Loup, France

blub..blub..blub..*sound of the bubles..
i think this one is cool! i wonder if can i have this kind of home............

Dal Al Hajar-Yemen

this one looks like a palace but actually it is a summer home..the rock is the base and this house is made up from different layers and levels., have u decide ur future kind of home? EXTRAORDINARY?

source: here