Wednesday, July 28, 2010

feeling DoWn!

yes..that's it..
dislike diz..
i hate diz feeling..

the feeling that comes again after a long recovering of time..
the feeling that overwhelmed me when i got my spm result..
the feeling that punched me right onto my face when i knew that i won't be able to fulfill my parent's wish..
the feeling that kicked my body when i knew i won't be able to realize my dream..
the feeling when i knew my best friends will leave me..
the feeling when i knew i will only become a teacher..
the feeling when i knew they will be.......n i'm not..

seriously..i tried to throw away diz feeling far away..
as far as i keeps coming back...

if i can turn back the time..

being overwhelmed with this negative feeling..
all happened when i stalked one of my senior..
happy being in auckland..the pics..

besides..i heard one of my frens will also fly diz sept..
congratz..i'm happy for her..

sincerely, i won't be down like diz if we could also fly to auckland..
we supposed to fly..we are the third cohort *if i'm not mistaken...huuuu..
why the government have no money??

maybe what has happened have reasons..

i should be grateful...
what am i thinking!!

Allah knows everything..
ya Allah..please give me the strength to live the life..
ya Allah..please guide me..


~wawa~ said...

dear..u know wut?? i guess most of us actually feel the same with u....believe me dear....but we just pretend that we don't really want to go there and we have no such thing like a big desire and hope to be there...but we actually want to be there as much as we pretend that we don't want....

~binbinandherself~ said...

we all got the same idea as yours. it's just we dun want to admit it. huuuu